The Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology (BAYCAT) is a nonprofit community digital media arts producer that educates, empowers, and employs youth and adults from one of San Francisco’s poorest and most under-served areas. Bayview Hunters Point and its surrounding neighborhoods have a child poverty rate of 50 percent, more than 3.5 times higher than the city average, and a 38 percent high school drop-out rate.


A collection of episodes from BAYCAT’s Zoom In series

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Research shows that digital technology can improve student achievement and test scores. It also can effectively facilitate highly collaborative learning environments relevant to students’ experiences as casual but intensive technology users. With BAYCAT, students use technology to tell their stories, engage with the world beyond their neighborhood, and explore current issues and events.

BAYCAT inspires young people to positively transform themselves, their communities and the world through the powerful storytelling format of digital media and design.

In a renovated, 5,000-square foot facility with state-of-the-art equipment, BAYCAT uses arts, technology and digital media to engage students positively in their education careers. The organization offers cutting-edge curricula in film and television production, motion graphics and animation, graphic design, and Web design. Students learn technical skills as well as the soft skills necessary to enable them to compete for jobs in the rapidly growing digital media market.

BAYCAT has received two unrestricted grants from the Sam Mazza Foundation. This capital infusion has allowed the organization to continue to develop and deliver programs including:

  • ZOOM IN, a four-part series on YouTube created and produced by BAYCAT students,
  • a summer media camp,
  • off-site courses at Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and The San Francisco School of the Arts,
  • a community cinema program, and
  • production internships for burgeoning artists.

The Sam Mazza Foundation’s support for BAYCAT demonstrates the power of philanthropy on the lives of young people and their communities.

Learn more about BAYCAT at their website by clicking here.