The Sam Mazza Foundation has one grant funding cycle per year using a two-step application process that includes a preliminary application and a formal proposal.  The grant cycle is outlined below:

Preliminary Application Cycle
Preliminary Application Deadline:  February 1
Foundation Response to Applications:  March 15

Formal Grant Proposal Cycle 
Proposal Submission Deadline:  May 1

Foundation Response to Proposals:  June 5
Funding of Approved Grants:  June 15


Preliminary application and review
Any organization seeking grant consideration must complete a preliminary application form. The form, as well instructions for completion, can be found here, as well as by clicking on the Preliminary Application link to the left.

The preliminary application allows an organization to provide a general outline about a proposed need. The foundation’s board of directors is sensitive to the resources expended by organizations in completing formal grant proposals and therefore responds quickly to preliminary requests.

Incomplete preliminary applications or those for purposes falling outside of the scope of the foundation’s grant-making process may be declined without further review. The board will review all other preliminary applications and notify applicants as soon as possible.

Formal proposal and review
The board of directors chooses organizations with approved preliminary applications to complete formal proposals on an invitation-only basis. Selection to submit a formal grant proposal does not guarantee funding, as the foundation receives and reviews more grant proposals than it is able to fund. The board will carefully review all proposals and notify applicants in writing of its decisions.

At any point, the foundation may request additional information from an applicant. Board members may ask for a live presentation and a site visit both during the grant-making process and following the award of a grant.

To maximize resources and impact, the foundation selects grants for a limited number of organizations within core funding areas. The board of directors makes each funding decision as a group. The volume of preliminary and formal proposals as well as subjective considerations preclude the foundation from critiquing unsuccessful applications.


If a request is declined, the applicant must wait one year before applying again.