The Sam Mazza Foundation funds charitable organizations that improve their communities through the arts, education or by addressing quality-of-life concerns. The organizations or their fiscal agents must be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Sam Mazza Foundation does not make grants for operating endowments. In general, the foundation does not support projects requiring a multi-year commitment but may grant multi-year projects at its discretion.

After three (3) years of consecutive funding, grantees are not eligible to apply for funding for two (2) years following the last funding year. For example: 3rd year consecutive funding in 2015, allows application in 2018.

The foundation does not fund:

  • Academic or scientific research
  • Advocacy
  • Animal protection and wildlife preservations (including zoos and aquariums)
  • Annual meetings, annual fund appeals, advertising, contests, ceremonies, conferences, travel, memorials or testimonials
  • Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques, or any other houses of worship
  • Civil rights, social action and advocacy
  • Commercial action agencies
  • Development or production of books, films or video projects
  • Emergency disasters and safety
  • Emergency operating funds or requests to reduce debt or past operating deficits
  • Health-related and medical research
  • Housing development
  • Individuals
  • International organizations
  • Legislative or lobbying organizations
  • Membership benefit nonprofit organizations
  • Mental health, counseling and crisis intervention
  • Nonprofit organizations that spend more than 25 percent of their revenue on management overhead and/or fundraising
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion or age
  • Organizations that have been in operation fewer than three years
  • Political parties, candidates, or partisan organizations and activities. The foundation cannot fund candidates for political office or lobbying activities.
  • Professional associations
  • Religious organizations and/or religious orders (with the exception of pre-selected, accredited schools)
  • Salaries for teachers or school employees

The foundation reserves the right to make grants to pre-selected organizations with which it has a historical relationship. This could include organizations that fall outside its current areas of interest and geographic parameters. Please note, after three consecutive years of funding, grantees must wait two years before reapplying.