The Skywatchers production is an annual Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers (ABD Productions) featuring interactive installations of modern dance, drumming, and poetry in San Francisco. 


A collection of images from Skywatchers

ABD Productions inspires social change through the arts. They endeavor to awaken our collective humanity by injecting the possibility of transformation and beauty into complex and challenging subjects, from globalization and genocide to global warming and gender fluidity.

The 2013 performance, supported by the Sam Mazza Foundation, was developed by formerly homeless residents of the Senator Hotel, professional dancers and sound and light artists. The performers led the audience on a jovial procession through the Tenderloin before returning to the Tenderloin National Forest, an oasis of refreshing greenery at Ellis and Leavenworth, for a continuum of thought-provoking entertainment.     inspire social change through the arts. inspire social change through the arts.