California Shakespeare Theater

Monday, September 9, 2019

California Shakespeare Theater (Cal Shakes) redefines classical theater for the 21st Century with works of extraordinary artistry that engage with our contemporary moment so we might learn about ourselves and each other in the fullness of our world. 


Cal Shakes creates exemplary productions of works, both old and new, interpreted in vital and urgent ways. They do this with a commitment to bold theatricality, innovative interpretation, thoughtful excavation, to expanding cultural ownership of classic stories, and to being our best selves as artists, stewards, and members of our community.


Cal Shakes seeks to both teach and learn through art—not simply about the theater but about the world. They transform young minds through the practice of theater, listen to and amplify seldom heard voices, confront their own insecurities and ignorance with an openness to new ideas.


Acknowledging that the theater is a rare public forum, they pursue a robust culture of participation that values above all authentic discourse around the work they make. They endeavor to hold space for all points of view because it provides a deeper, richer, more nuanced and human experience of the world.

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